Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Entry #69

Second Outfit Entry

Draping is how I sew. I looked for cute fabrics, and there was this lovely girly lavender - with eyelet detail. As a human I love eyelet lace, but for some reason this wasn't working well with Emily. The navy gradient outfit would make a lovely dress, but I didn't like the exposed shoulder look. Time to get radical!!

You can see how I turned the material inside out, on it's side, and on it side and draped it like a jacket. That's the only way I could manage to utilize the fabric details I liked best. The snap buttons were a gift! I like flailed cuffs, but some careful cuts meant I just had to stitch seams. I had to be really careful pinning this. It took ages of pinning, trying on, re-pinning, etc. the pins would slide out, it's white material so I didn't want to mark it up. The elastic could be forgiving, except, cutting the wrong stitch on the original garment would ruin it - I know this from experience. I removed the red bow. Stitched the sleeves and back. Added extra closures after cutting it for an adjustable hood.

The skirt should have been simple- cut the skirt in half (with one half slightly larger than the other), trim it at the waist, stitch. But of course, I cut a hole into the side without the bow- crisis! Luckily some very delicate scissor work, and the careful stitches made the smaller half of the skirt work out well for doll couture!

Doll shoes. I tried several times to make doll shoes but didn't like it very much. (A few shown here). Luckily Emily likes to go barefoot at the harbor. Yes, the green turquoise shoes here are Sonali's shoes. The haven't had heavy play, but for some reason the bows didn't hold up well at all. Did this happen to anyone else? So they were in the scraps box. Hot glue and micro beads made new shoes. Unfortunately, microbeads get EVERYWHERE!!  Next time I would use super glue or regular glue instead of hot glue- which is kinda bulky for small detailed work like this.
The cardboard is to protect the rest of the shoe.

Completed Outfit

Emily, here, models "Eastern Harbour" (again Melody Valerie is an inspiration here because I fell in love with Emily after I saw her Lisette).  Also, I really liked the blue and white MV dress in lightweight cotton that had a nautical theme. This is a 2-piece outfit with a printed maxi skirt and a double front jacket. The lightweight blue and white cotton is something a doll could wear on the New York harbor while waiting for the ships to come in. People don't do that much anymore, but the harbor and ships are still there. I thought it fit in with Emily who is "pseudo"-historical. That is she's only historical when it "suits" her. ;)

There's enough fabric for a double fronted jacket and hood - 
to keep a doll protected from wind or rain.
The hood is gathered to keep it from falling off on a blustery day!

Here you see more details of the front, as Emily enjoys a port-side sunset

Here's the back details, it's blurry, but you can see how the hood falls when not in use.

The front jacket has 2 fastenings: a "hidden button" sewn inside -at the hips) so that you can't see that stitches when it's closed, and a decorative "diamond" higher up.

The sleeve cuffs flair at the wrist also the sleeves are gathered, 
and detailed to match the top of the maxi skirt.

Here you can easily see the printed details of the maxi skirt.

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Liesel said...

Very interesting and fresh. Project runway style. I like it.

rebeccadzierzon said...

What a fun outfit! I love the sleeves. Well done!

Diana Tran said...

I would like to vote for Entry # 69. The outfit is very pretty :-)

LT said...

very innovative and cute. i vote for entry # 69.

Anonymous said...

I vote for this so interesting!!!!

Amber said...

I definitely vote for this!

decamaron40 said...

lovely design on the shoe and top fabric.