Sunday, September 1, 2013

Entry #56

Second Outfit Entry

It was also inspired by Pinterest.

Etsy Shop

(This dress was for sale, but The DW Team purchased it.
Maple mimes 'grabby hands' gesture.)

The link to the photo album: 

In-Progress Pictures

Laying out my fabric while comparing black and white trims.

Bodice pieces

Skirt and peplum pieces

Pinning phase.

Thinking about the black trim....

.... versus the white trim. Both are so pretty that it made it very hard to settle on one.

Close up of the bodice getting it's trims.

Adding the top layer of peplums.

Added the second layer of peplums and the skirt.

Gauntlets. Not liking them. I am thinking it's the size and simplicity of them. I want something on the arms, so I begin to toy around with a few ideas.

Added white grosgrain bows to her pigtails. Toying with the idea of a bow tie and cuffs.

Checking the placement of the trims on the cuffs.

Completed Outfit

Close up of the cuffs.

Close up of the bodice.

Close up of the skirt.

A view of the back.

Close up of the bow tie. "Bow ties are cool" - Dr. Who #11

Etsy Shop

(This dress was for sale, but The DW Team purchased it.
Maple mimes 'grabby hands' gesture.)

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Dollygrandma said...

Cute as can be - I'm giving it a vote!

~ Jeanette

Yvonne said...

I love it!!! You have my VOTE!!

rebeccadzierzon said...

Cute! Nice job--I love the choker!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! You have my vote.

N said...

That dress is beautiful!

Mrs.C. said...

Turned out perfect. Lots of lace. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

This is just adorable! It gets my vote!


Liesel said...

Very cute and different. This dress really stands out.

brenda j chesnut said...

Loving this one! Very "steampunk".
Great big vote. Wish I had the pattern.

Melody Silverleaf said...

Vote! The finishing and details are just too cool! I can picture Abby on NCIS wearing this outfit.

Ginny said...

This one wins my vote!

Anonymous said...

This one gets my vote

Yvonne said...

You get my vote!

Michelle Mccullough said...

You have my Vote! Precious

Michelle Mccullough said...
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Anonymous said...

love it!

Sharon Collins said...

I Love it. Vote!