Monday, September 2, 2013

Entry #67

Second Outfit Entry

From Forever Friends Doll Clothes

The Pattern:  So, this dress for Lexi  was not at all what I had planned for part 2 of this event.  At one of the craft markets, I saw the cutest dress on a 10 year old and had planned to design one like it for my project.  However, after making a dress like this for my sale, I decided to make this instead.

The Dress:  Again, the big thing is deciding on fabrics that will showcase the pattern that, by the way, is a Melody Valerie design.  Blue being a favourite colour of Lexi, was a starting point.  In the end, these two fabrics were selected.  Cutting the pattern was easy.  Sewing the sleeves and collar on was more challenging as there was either something missing from the pattern or from the instructions.  But after several attempts, everything went together just fine.

The Necklace:   Having completed the dress, it was time to accessorize.  Lexi’s ‘pearl’ necklace was a necessity.  Making it with the help of my husband’s stronger hands for tying the fishing line was fun! 
The Purse:  Then, of course, the purse.  After first making it with white poplin, it was obvious that Lexi would have to give it to her friend.  Lexi wanted  to have a Shiny Satin Purse made with the ‘MOLLY’ pattern.  That also was fun.

The Shoes:   But the most fun of all was making my first pair of shoes, a Liberty Jane Ballet flat.  That was so much easier than I had expected, and so cute when finished. Again, Lexi chose the shiny satin pair and is giving the other pair to her friend when they are finished.

Lastly, The Sweater:  Lexi chose this sweater material because the small dots of yellow sprinkle on the white knit compliment the yellow dots in the flowers on her dress.  She gave the other soft, off-white sweater to her friend.   The pattern was a McCalls.   It was decided that buttons on the sweater were not only unnecessary, but actually interfered with the overall appearance of the outfit so they remained in the button box. 

In-Progress Pictures

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Completed Outfit

Now, all the friends wanted to be in the final picture.  Because do not ever think that you can get away with making a dress for just one AGD.  Before you know it there were 5 dresses, similar but not the same.  How cute is that.

From Forever Friends Doll Clothes

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Sharon Collins said...

This gets my vote!

Sharon Collins said...

This gets my vote!

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This cute outfit gets my vote!

S Thompson said...

I vote yes!

Anonymous said...

I would like to vote for my entry #67. It sure was fun to photograph these dolls. --- Lynne Thompson of Forever Friends Doll Clothes on Facebook

Liesel said...

So cute.

brenda j chesnut said...

I vote for this one! Loved all the photos, great job.

rebeccadzierzon said...

Very nicely done.

Kyla said...

Adorable! This one gets my vote

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Gets my vote!

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I vote for this one. :)

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I vote for this