Sunday, September 1, 2013

Entry #49

Second Outfit Entry

Key Lime Colorblock

Mary has been hard at work on her new summer dress.  She saw a photo in a fashion magazine, and decided to try her hand at recreating it herself!  After a quick trip to the sewing store, she went into her sewing room with her key lime and aqua mist fabrics and a pretty dress image in her head.
She used some patterns she had on hand to recreate the color block look and accented the dress in white, just like the picture.   A quick fitting let her know that she was on the right track!  The dress came together quickly, and looks so summery with a cute pair of sandals.

In-Progress Pictures

Completed Outfit

Hmm, what other colors could I make this in?

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Liesel said...

I vote for this. My favorite style and color combo. I would wear this and I can't show this to my girls or they will beg.

rebeccadzierzon said...

I love how simply elegant this is. I this the color choice is great and you did such a good job transforming it into the 18" doll outfit.

Unknown said...

Yes, yes, yes! It has my vote! DGLF

Melody Silverleaf said...

Sleek and elegant and wearable. Very nice work here.

brenda j chesnut said...

Great Job, Iam impressed how well you matched the fabric colors and made a pattern to match your orginal idea. I vote for this one!

Anonymous said...

Well done! I vote for you. I really like the colours, they look so cool and summery. I love how the dress you made matched your vision. :)

Anonymous said...

Good job..........I like it.

Megan Duesterhaus said...

LOVE this one - such a darling little dress!

Dawn said...