Sunday, September 1, 2013

Entry #45

Second Outfit Entry

Mia and Felicity or "Lissie" (custom Felicity) are twins.  They are very different but once in a while they decide that they want to dress in matching outfits. Mia (my cousin's doll) got a blue tank top with a firework design and Lissie (my doll) got a red one. They both have identical firework skirts with elastic waistbands. In their hair they have firework headbands and around their pigtails there is starry sparkle wire. I also made two bracelets. Mia is wearing her "meet" shoes and Felicity has on a pair of red sandals that I decorated by tying scraps of red, white, and blue fabric to the straps.   

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Liesel said...

Clever. I like the twin concept.

rebeccadzierzon said...

This makes me want to eat corn on the cob and watch fireworks! Cute outfits.

moonra said...

I love doll twins. I had them as a child. I vote for this one n. 45

Eileen said...

Vote for myself! XD

Sylvia said...

Vote for my grandaughter! She actually made this on my sewing machine.

Mike K. said...

Vote for my daughter.

Barbara said...

This is my daughter's outfit and please dont not count these three votes (above) because we really are dif. people on the same device.