Sunday, September 1, 2013

Entry #44

Second Outfit Entry

From Lemonhead103

I can be found online in my Shop, Lemonhead 103 and many other places. 

My inspiration for this outfit was this cute two-some. The Scottie is Bonnie and the Westie is McDuff. He is our second westie as our first passed away a year ago. My son's both wanted a Coconut because they love their westies. My older son keeps his on a shelf and he renamed her Lady in honor of our dog that passed away. My younger son plays with his all the time as he still loves stuffed animals and his American Boy. He named his McDuff after the puppy. It is too bad they never made a scottie to go with Coconut. I borrowed their Coconuts for this outfit. 

I also love White House Black Market. We have one in Rehoboth on the Rehoboth Ave a block from the boardwalk. I am unfortunatly too big for their clothing but every time I walk by I love to look in the windows, and dream. 

So, between the fabulous clothing and the dogs, we ended up with a black and white  dog theme for this outfit. I was thinking it would be cute for back to school as well as for dog walking. 

I made this have several pieces that you can also mix and match into your wardrobe, Versatile pieces are the best. 

Here are real life inspirational photos of what I tried to create.

I started with the shirt. I love to paint t-shirts so I had fun with this. I sketched a cartoon of the two dogs and made sure it was small enough to fit the front of the shirt then I started painting. After I had the entire shirt painted, I sewed it together. I made it long sleeve for fall. We are going back to school here before this is due so I had fall on the mind. 

I used the LJC Trendy T but lengthened the sleeves. 

I actually made a few of the skirt because I got the pattern and instructions from a blog and it was sized for a toddler, I had to do the math to get the skirt the right size. The blogger was inspired to make that skirt from Mad Men, which I unfortunately have not seen, other than photos of the wardrobe and it seems to have a great wardrobe. I had the math figured out for the skirt and it was made out of fabrics that I was not going to use for the finished skirt, so once I knew what I was doing, I then began to work on the boots. I used an All Dolled Up Doll Clothes pattern for the boots. I made them from suede cloth. I find shoes very difficult to sew, so I made several trial pair before I made the pair for this competition.

I then put the skirt together out of the fabrics I purchased for this outfit. I chose denim in black and white. It has white inside the pleats and is black everywhere else.

After I completed the skirt, I then began the vest. It was the first time I ever made it and it came out very well. I made the Sarah's Vest pattern from All Dolled Up Doll Clothes, using the black denim from the skirt. It is accented with white buttons, the skirt was also finished with white buttons. It keeps the white and black contrast theme going. 

I then showed it all to my tween fashion consultant, as she has style and youth on her side. I had the socks but was on the fence at this point. She liked the socks so I went with them. I made the zebra socks from a pair of people socks. It carries out my black and white theme.

I then finished accessorizing the outfit. I had two coconuts to dress as well, I found paw and bone print black and white fabric so I used it for the doll's backpack which is a drawstring bag, and for the dog's bandana's which my kids want when I am done with this. I also made new collars and leashes that have wire in them so when Saige walked the dogs in my photo's it would make the dogs look more realistic. I actually let the boys choose the leash and collar colors, they chose blue and orange, which are opposite on the color wheel, and they compliment each other, it also gave this a pop of color. I gave each collar a tag that meant something to the kids, it was a charm from my jewelry supplies. My son that has the blue set has autism so he got the puzzle piece set. My older son got the star for his orange set.

Last I made black and white jewelry, a black and white necklace on stretch cord that has a crystal heart because she loves her dogs, and a matching stretch bracelet, with a sparkly silver bracelet on stretch cord for some extra bling.

Completed Outfit

Saige walked the dogs to show off her outfit at the school and then the school playground.

I can be found online in my Shop, Lemonhead 103 and many other places. 

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BJ said...

I love for this one! I love that shirt!

Dollygrandma said...

Oh so cute! The black and white theme is done very artistically, and the whole outfit comes together perfectly! I definitely vote for this amazing school outfit!

~ Jeanette

Liesel said...

What a cute t shirt!

Pepper Schibblehut said...

Love it, you have my vote.

Jessica Gibbon said...

Love, love, love this one!!!

rebeccadzierzon said...

What a cute idea! Good job on your outfit.

N said...

The shirt is wonderful. Great job!

Sammy Christina said...

Absolutely adorable!

Unknown said...

Very imaginative! It has my vote!

Melody Silverleaf said...

Voting for this one too. The hand designed and painted shirt is high quality for something so small. The backpack made me smile. Plus you included outfits for the puppies. :-D

Dacia said...

Love it ! I vote for this one!

LKaye said...

Cute, gets my vote!

Anonymous said...

Love the pooches.