Sunday, September 1, 2013

Entry #46

Second Outfit Entry

I’m the owner, designer and creator at Factory L
You can find my shop at

Show Me Your Spots

For my second design I wanted something simple and trendy, perfect for the  end of summer.  My design starts with an asymmetric top that features bold flowers and animal spots. Originally I wanted to do a blue motif but I fell in love with this orange fabric instead. The denim pants are Bermuda shot length with a rolled cuff and buttons. The flip flops finish the summery look. The friendship bracelets remind any girl of the best summer ever!

The next pictures are the in progress shots. I drafted the patterns myself for the top and shorts. I found a tutorial for easy flip flops here:

Completed Outfit

Originally Kanani was going to model this time for me but Aeryn insisted this was her style. She’s a spunky girl who is always ready for adventure. She loves animals and searches for creatures to take home. Show Me Your Spots is the perfect summer adventure outfit.

I’m the owner, designer and creator at Factory L. You can find my shop at

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Anonymous said...

I vote for this one.

Anonymous said...

I vote for this one

rebeccadzierzon said...

I love the pink buttons on the pants. Such a fun detail!

Anonymous said...

you got my vote Liesel!

Anonymous said...

I vote for entry # 46. What a great outfit and photography!

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I vote this one

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This one gets my vote

Luigi Crespo said...

i vote for this one.

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My favorite