Sunday, September 1, 2013

Entry #37

Second Outfit Entry

For this outfit I went with an 18th Century Polonaise style dress. The outer bodice and Polonaise skirt are made from a patterned, silky, polyester material. For the under skirt and under bodice I used a soft, silky, blue, polyester. Of course I also used several different kinds of lace for trim. The accessories I made are a ribbon choker, a small lace cap, and a lace hand fan.

I used this McCall’s dress pattern.

And modified it to look more like this dress.


In-Progress Shots

Ironing the cloth and the patterns.

 Laying out and pinning on the pattern pieces.

Cutting the pieces out.

All my pieces from the blue cloth.

The green material frayed so much I had to iron on fusible interfacing. 

Making the under bodice.

Gathering the underskirt.

Hemming the underskirt.


Sewing the outer bodice.

 I added darts to the bodice.

Hemming the over skirt.

I did ribbon embroidery on the stomacher. This was my first time doing it so I had to practice on some scrap cloth first.

Sewing the stem with embroidery floss.

Stitching on the flowers.

And finally adding the leaves.

 Finishing off the bodice.

Sewing the lace on the sleeves for the outer bodice.

Sewing the sleeves to the bodice.

Gathering the over skirt.

Sewing the skirt to the bodice.

Doing the hand sewing.

Hand sewing the lace on.

Sewing on the buttons to hold up the over skirt for the Polonaise look.

Making the pinner cap.

Sewing the jewel onto the ribbon for the choker.

Ironing the lace for the fan.

Hemming the lace.

Gluing the gathered lace to the fan.

Finished Product Shots

 You can let down the ribbons if you want a regular skirt.

Thank you for your entry!

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Anonymous said...

I would like to vote for myself:)

Madison said...


myagrocks said...

I would like to vote for this one!

Anonymous said...

Jess from AGFMB. I vote for this

N said...

That embroidery is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! It took some practice:)

Molly J. said...

Amazing dress!! It is really beautiful! I love the embroidery. Elizabeth looks gorgeous in this outfit. This dress is even better than your first one!! Although that one is really good too. :)

rebeccadzierzon said...

Wow! That embroidery is impressive. You did a very nice job on your outfit.

moonra said...

Love your embroidery.

ArtGirl Jensen said...

I LOVE this dress!!! The colors you chose are beautiful with Elizabeth's complexion, and with the lace it makes for a very romantic look. I am really impressed with your new skill with embroidery-fabulous! I definitely vote for this gown!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you:)

Unknown said...

Lovely, just lovely! It has my vote! DGLF

Melody Silverleaf said...

This is beautiful. I love the attention to detail.

Felicia H. said...

I VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!

love, your bff :) <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks Felicia:)

brenda j chesnut said...

Pretty Outfit. Love the ribbon work. I vote for this one.

Sandi said...

Beautiful job Kate. Your doll is lucky to have such a good seamstress. Keep up the good work!

terriruth said...

Wow, what an incredible job. This outfit is beautiful! Great job!!

terriruth said...

Wow, what an incredible job. This outfit is beautiful! Great job!!

miriam l said...

I am so impressed with what you have done at your age. The embroidery is nice. You remind me of my younger self, but I didn't have a machine at your age!

Grandma Peg said...

Great job and my favorite colors. I especially love the embroidery and the accessories. Kate can sew for me any day. I vote for this one! Grandma Peg

Jake said...

Excellent detail work, made a great dress!

Cooperstown said...

#37 all the way! Photos showing your hands at work are outstanding, too.

Aunt Jenny said...

Wow, Kate, I'm so impressed with your craftsmanship across the board! Do you know that I have three American Girl dolls... Are you doing any commissions yet? :) Yes, you get my vote!

Mighty Quinnster said...

Vote! Love the detailing!

v said...

Another vote here! Just beautiful. You are so talented :-)

Anonymous said...

I vote for this one!


Erla1 said...

I vote for this picture. :)

Kamilla Shire said...

It's Isabella from AGFMB, and I VOTE FOR THIS:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you every one!

Elizabeth J. said...

The patience and perseverance you had for the construction of this beautiful dress and accessories is clearly demonstrated in the final garment! The number of skills you needed to learn in order to successfully complete this project is amazing! Well done!

Leif said...

I would love to vote for entry #37!! It is amazing:)

Country Doll Studios said...

I vote this one! JUST BLEW ME AWAY!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you like it:)

Sparkie said...

This is Sparkie from the AGFMB, and I VOTE FOR THIS! It's gorgeous!

Miafan03 From AGFMB said...

amazing i vote for this one