Sunday, September 1, 2013

Entry #60

Second Outfit Entry

From Daisy Chains

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My original plan for my second outfit was a t-shirt dress, a tie-front half-blouse with 3/4 sleeves, leather sandals, a messenger bag, and a necklace. I wanted this outfit to be a vacation outfit: one that could be worn sightseeing or to the beach! I designed the dress to be light and comfortable but pretty enough for an outing at the same time. The blouse comes in handy on windy days or chilly evenings at the beach, and the sandals were designed to be sturdy for plenty of walking, but still casual for kicking off at the beach. I wanted the bag to be lightweight for easy traveling, but also big enough to hold a few souvenirs, a lunch, or a book and some glasses!  Just for fun, I added a simple necklace that can also be dressed up or casual! I call this my "Travel Outfit".  

The Dress:
First draft of dress pattern

Second draft

Third draft
Making the "real deal"

Adding the neckline

Adding the elastic

Adding the snaps. I decided on snaps because Velcro is so bulky.

The Shirt:
Pinning the shirt pieces. I used Liberty Jane's button-up shirt pattern.

Making the front.

Making the sleeves.

Sewing the sleeves on

Trying it on Rebecca :)

The cuff: this was one of the hardest parts.

Rolling up the sleeves. So cute!

The Bag:
Creating the bag

I added a pocket on the back for detail and cuteness. :)

The outer shell and the lining together. I included interfacing to make the bag stiffer.

With the flap.

The Sandals:
The leather pieces for the sandals. I decided to use four strips overlapped for a sturdy but fashionable look.

The strips with the stitching. I taped them in the position I wanted them.

The strap part taped together, the sole, and the base of the sandals. I went with cork because it's pretty and beachy.

Gluing the sole to the cork.

Making the necklace.

The Finished Outfit!

The tie.

The folded sleeves. Love how these turned out!

The necklace! 

I did a curved hemline on the dress to give it a relaxed but stylish look.

The neckline. This also was very difficult.

I sewed buttons over the snaps on the back. :)

I chose to close the bag with a button-and-loop closure. I love how the stripes make this bag look perfect for the beach!

Her glasses and a book so she can read while relaxing on the beach.

A pencil and paper so she can doodle or write letters to her friends!

This outfit is perfect for relaxing on a hot summer day!

Or for going sightseeing!

Etsy Shop: Daisy Chains

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rebeccadzierzon said...

This is so light and summery. I really like it. Vote!

N said...

I vote for this outfit. It's so beautiful, and the shoes are amazing!

jalocatelli said...

I just love this! Vote!

Christina L said...

I vote for this one!!
Thanks so much Doll Wardrobe!!

rhonda said...

I'm voting for this outfit...I love it, and I know my girls would love something like this on their own dolls.

missmandie said...
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missmandie said...

I vote for this one! :) Super cute!! :) Great Work Dear! :)

Brooke @ little b quilts said...

That is amazing! I love it (and so does Lauryn!)


Sharon Collins said...

I love it!! I vote for this one.

Anonymous said...

I vote for this outfit! Nice work!


Liesel said...

I like the colorful dress. Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

I love all the little details--I vote for this one!


Anonymous said...


Christina L said...
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Will L said...

AAAAAH! HELP!!! I'm practically being held at gunpoint! Okay, okay, I vote for this one!

Whew, that was close.

brenda j chesnut said...

I vote for this one. Very professionally done!

Melody Silverleaf said...

Very refreshing and seasonal. Perfect for the transition between summer and fall. The details are wonderful. I'm voting.

Mighty Quinnster said...

Vote. I want this outfit for my next cruise!

Rebecca said...

Love it, from the hair to the sandals!

Kerry said...

I vote for this! Alice would love it.

Kristy Natwick said...

Adorable outfit from a very talented designer/seamstress. Love it. VOTE!!

Kate said...

Outstanding! Love the design and attention to details.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I vote for this one!

Gods Girl said...

The shoes are amazing, this gets my vote. :)

Dawn said...


Claire G. said...

I totally vote for this one! I just love it! The satchel is probably my favorite part of the outfit, although the shoes are awesome too.
The detail is great on the whole outfit.

Connor G said...

Great once again! I vote!

Cate G. said...

Awesome outfit! I like the bright colors. I'm definitely
voting for this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious outfit! :P

Ben G. said...

I vote for this one. Great details, love the accessories!

Heidi G. said...

I vote for this one. Cute colors!

Amaya said...

I vote for this one!