Sunday, September 1, 2013

Entry #50

Second Outfit Entry

Ann Van Doren

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The inspiration for my 2nd entry to the 2013 FDC came from a "Trends to Sew" posting on "The Doll Wardrobe" of a black coat with pink lining and piping.
I'll make a similar coat with a darker coral lining, keeping in mind that Nora isn't very fond of pink...

For the outfit under the coat, I'll make a blouse I found on Pinterest from pale peachy silk instead of pink, to contrast with the coral coat lining.  
I'll add a white cotton Peter Pan collar and soutache braid to the collar and cuffs.

I'll pair the classic blouse with a trendy asymmetrical skirt to make the outfit more youthful. The skirt will be made with a fine gray wool.

To bring the two styles together I'll add a reversible double breasted vest with wide lapels and a black elastic belt to give it shape. 
The vest will be black cotton knit reversing to gray.  The black belt will have a silver clasp to match the silver skirt zipper.

Underneath the skirt will be black leather shorts, visible when the skirt zipper is raised.

I'll make a grey hobo bag purse with design elements from the skirt and vest to complete the outfit.

Accessories I'll make will include a black felt fedora to match the coat, black boots, and a fluffy crocheted infinity scarf.

Since my model's story will feature a visit to Grandma, I'll make a suitcase to hold a change of undies, nightgown, robe and slippers.

And since Grandma lives in Seattle, of course I'll need to make an umbrella!


Fine black wool from a recycled skirt was cut out using a modified McCalls coat pattern.

Coat lining and bias binding for the piping were cut from a never-worn pair of coral cotton cargo pants.

Coat body and lining ready to add epaulets and sleeves.

Sewing piping to the epaulets.

I cut the blouse from a pale peach tissue silk and will inter-line it with white cotton batiste. 
The pattern is adapted from a Simplicity pattern, with an added Peter Pan collar of white cotton batiste.  

Inside of blouse - ready to sew side and sleeve seams.

I drafted an asymetrical skirt pattern to accommodate the front offset zipper opening and cut it out of finely woven grey wool.  
The hardest part was finding a black zipper that didn't have huge silver teeth.

Luckily I found a pair of brand new faux leather shorts with a small-ish silver zipper at Goodwill for $4. 
The zipper is (almost) perfect and I'll use the leather for the shorts, boots, and purse embellishment.

Shorts are sewn from a modified Liberty Jane shorts pattern.

Cutting out the boots from an adapted McCalls pattern, 
being careful to avoid the pocket stitching on the shorts.

Attaching black foam sole to boot. 
Back closure is ultra thin velcro.

I adapted a Simplicity blouse pattern to make a reversible double breasted vest, cut out from black and grey soft knits.

Sewing vest seams on serger.

Leather scraps were used to embellish the purse to mimic the triangular collar on the vest. 
A silver zipper adorns other side of the bag.

Crocheting, hand felting and shaping the fedora.

Crocheting the infinity scarf.

Suitcase top and bottom are cut out of card stock and top stitched. 
Faux leather strips and hardware are added.

Nightgown and robe are machine embroidered on fine white cotton batiste.
The design is an adaption from Kathy Harrison's "Custom Keepsakes" software.

Sewing embroidered sleeve to robe. Slippers are made from white craft foam and feathers.
Undies are white cotton knit trimmed with fine cotton lace.

Umbrella is sewn from a lining type fabric in a color to coordinate with coat lining, with black contrast stitching.


Coat and accessories

Coat Lining

Silk blouse
The front placket is black bias tape adorned with pearl buttons.

Closure is ultra thin velcro.   Raw edges are serged.  Sleeve cuffs have pearl button and loop closures. 

Skirt zipped and unzipped with shorts.

Shorts front and back.

Reversible vest.

Front and back of purse.

Boots and belt.

Front and back of suitcase, open and packed suitcase.


Nightgown, robe and undies.

Close up of embroidery.



I got to ride a ferry to visit my Grandma in Seattle!  
While my twin sister goes hiking and rock climbing with Grandpa, 
Grandma is going to take me to visit museums and parks around Seattle.

Arriving by Ferry
Mama bought me a new coat and hat for my trip, and let me borrow her vintage suitcase.

First, we went to the Pacific Science Center. 
The day began with rain so I'm glad I brought my umbrella!

I had fun shooting the water cannon before we went inside.

Next we went to the Sculpture Gardens.  Luckily the sun came out and I could take off my coat. 
(Can you see my shorts under my skirt?)

Then we visited the "EXPERIENCE THE MUSIC PROJECT" and 
afterwards we ate lunch on top of the Space Needle.

On the way home to Grandma's house we stopped at Freeway Park - 
can you believe this is on top of a freeway?
It got cooler so I put on my scarf.

Back at Grandma's, I unpacked my suitcase with my new robe, nightgown, slippers, and a change of undies.  
Grandma has a special guest room just for me!

Mama made my robe and nightgown with her new embroidery machine.

The next morning, we went to the Seattle Art Museum.  
I decided to wear my shorts and the reverse side of my vest.

It was warm inside so I took off my vest.

I decided to take a picture with my shirt tucked in but I think it makes me look chubby...

After dinner and a ride on the new Ferris Wheel down on the Pier, it was time to catch the ferry back home.
I had a wonderful week-end with my Grandma!

Thank you for viewing my Entry #2 to the Doll Wardrobe Fashion Design Challenge.  
I hope you like it!

Ann Van Doren

Larger photos can be seen on Photobucket at

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Mary Kelly said...

Such a beautiful outfit and story. It gets my vote.

Ann Van Doren said...

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments and votes. It's very flattering and gratifying to make something that pleases others and to be publicly complimented for it :) And thank you to The Doll Wardrobe for the opportunity to receive these compliments!

David Kelly said...

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David Kelly said...

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Charisse said...

I vote for you. Your entry is so creative and ambitious! What a cute idea & such cute outfits!!

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Ann Van Doren said...

Thank you very much!