Sunday, September 1, 2013

Entry #59

Second Outfit Entry

With this design, I wanted to take a break from the norm, and really make this outfit stand out. I did that by making the shirt have closures in the front instead of the back, and have three-quarter sleeves instead of the usual cap sleeves. Also, the skirt boasts more than one color or design, and is patchwork, which is unusual but still easy to design and sew.

In-Progress Picture

Completed Outfit

Back-to-school blues got you down? 
Although summer may be over, fun and fashion certainly aren't. And that's just what this outfit is; a fashionable and unique take on the classic school uniform. The shirt includes three-quarter length sleeves, a button down front, and a saucy, swirly hem. The skirt is a one-of-a-kind patchwork piece, sewed in the fall colors of the season. This outfit is perfect for warmer days, and also for cooler ones in that the scarf is optional, and the shirt can also function as a sweater when worn with a tank top. 
When the nights get a bit nippy, relax or study in this warm, cozy piece of fall beauty. 

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First Outfit Tasks Due July 14th, 2013.
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rebeccadzierzon said...

I love white/black/red together--it's a classy cholor scheme. Nice job on your outfit. The patchwork skirt is cute!

mimi said...

I'd like to vote for this one! :D

bob said...

one vote from me for this talented artist !!!!!

Liesel said...

So sweet.

Anonymous said...

Really fun outfit!! :D I vote for this!!!