Sunday, September 1, 2013

Entry #43

Second Outfit Entry

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DESIGN #2 - "Christmas Memories"

Outfit Design

   I have very fond memories of growing up in the late 60's and early '70's. I was a preteen/teenager at that time, and I still adore the fashion, music, and general pop culture of that era. Every time I hear a John Denver song on the radio; every time I reread Little Women (my favorite book at that time); every time I hear the words "maxi" or "groovy" it takes me back! My memories of this special time are my inspiration for my second design. I chose to showcase my memories with a Christmas theme because many of my memories are connected with the holidays.

   My doll Claire is my model for this design as she looks much as I did back then, and so does a great job of representing the younger "me."

   One of my favorite styles of the era was a maxi skirt paired with a lacy, high-necked blouse.

   My favorite shoes at that time were either Capezios or Pappagallo ballerina flats with a flower or bow on the toe.

   I grew up in the South, where mild winters were the norm, so we wore ponchos when the weather got cooler. My mother crocheted the ones I wore, and taught me how to crochet when I was old enough!

   I decided to create a white blouse with a lace overlay, a festive holiday maxi skirt in a red and green brocade, black tights, a crocheted poncho, and black shoes that remind me of those Pappagallos. Claire will wear gold studs as I had my ears pierced around that time. I've always loved cameos, so Claire will wear one on her blouse. Her hair clip will actually be one of my mom's clip-on earrings,  a tribute to her. I used patterns by Eden Ava Couture, Paulette Morrissey, and Doll Tag Clothing to create the outfit and the chair, afghan, and tree skirt that I will use as props for the photo shoot. The shoes are purchased.

Making the skirt.

Cutting out the lace overlay for the blouse.

Making the tights

Crocheting the poncho

Crocheting the afghan

Cutting out the chair

My finished props for the photo shoot

Outfit Complete and Modeled

Here is Claire (me!) going to a friend's Christmas party.

Decorating the Christmas tree

I loved playing Christmas carols on my violin.

Christmas Eve

Waiting for Santa!

Christmas morning!

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Liesel said...

I like that you made something nostalgic. Nicely done

ireneg said...

Love the nostalgia. I may have worn some of those items

rebeccadzierzon said...

Adorable. I really like the lace collar and cameo--such a nice touch. Good job!

Bullwawa said...

Beautiful! Your mom would love it.

N said...

I vote for this. I love the memories behind it and how beautifully the concept was executed.

Goldstone said...

Nice and nostalgic.

Cindy Loveland said...

My vote goes to entry #43 for originality, execution, and concept.

Cindy Loveland said...
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Melody Silverleaf said...

Wonderful attention to detail. I love the little cameo.

Unknown said...

A very well thought-out ensemble that provided me with a trip down memory lane. It has my vote! DLF

Mary Ann said...

This is my vote for my outfit. :) Thank you to all who have left such nice comments!

Kelly Walker said...

This is such a beautiful outfit...and although nostalgic, timeless as well. My daughter loved it!!!

Mighty Quinnster said...

Vote! Beautiful!