Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Entry #9

2013 Fashion Design Challenge
Entry #9

From Lemonhead103 
on Zibbet, Storenvy and Ebay

My design was inspired by the color yellow. Yellow, which is a super tough color for many people to wear, was very in this year. I also loved the throwback High Low hemline dresses like the photo I attached. I live near several beach and resort areas and sometimes you need a little something over your shoulders at night when the breezes come up off the ocean, so I made a black crochet shrug to go with the bright yellow dress. I though a cute yellow bow headband, and some black flat sandals with some stones on them, and a black and yellow polka dot purse would make a great summer ensemble, perfect for a night on the boardwalk, a summer garden wedding, or a a barn dance I went with a lightweight cotton knit so it is cool and comfortable, and very wearable. 

I drafted my own pattern for this. I watched a you tube tutorial that showed you how to draft a skirt with a high low hemline, I actually did create a skirt, to test the pattern, but the full dress was my goal. Once I knew I had the hemline, then I made the dress pattern. I added a bit of lace across the top because it is a simple dress but I wanted it to have a bit of ruffle. I hemmed with a lettuce hem to get that ruffle feel. 

The shrug and the ankle bracelet that I forgot to mention. It is crocheted into chain. I did it with yellow embroidery floss and a tiny hook, to make the look doll sized. 

The shrug pattern is a human adult sized crochet pattern. It originally called for heavy yarn and a large hook. I had experimented with the pattern because I though that if I used crochet cotton instead of yarn and a tiny hook, I could make it doll sized. Once I knew it worked, I further altered the pattern by making a crocheted ruffle all around the opening and the sleeves. 

The shoes and the bag. I made the shoes from a blinged up vinyl bracelet that had rhinestones glued to it, and I actually purchased the purse, added a piece of the bracelet to the handle and some of the bracelet's rhinestones that I needed to take off in the process of making the shoes, I glued to the purse. I found it at AC Moore, well, actually my 8 yo son did. It was just the right size for a doll, the right colors and I loved the pattern. So I made the purse coordinate with the shoes. I used an All dolled up pattern for the shoes. 

One last accessory note: My doll's headband is a piece of ribbon that is woven in her updo. I received the ribbon in a gift, and it matched so I upcycled the ribbon. 

I did a few edits of some of my photo's and used different filters and other editing tools, I was going for a dream-like state for some. 

Georgia, her horse is featured with her in some photo's.  (My 8 yo son is mildly autistic and plays with an American Boy, and he has two horses sized for 18 inch dolls and I borrowed his barn I made him and his horse. He likes to help me do photo's.) 

Oh, I opted for a less is more theory with jewelry, mostly due to the fact that I was afraid of things catching on the shrug. 

I have several things doll going on the net. Here are my links to my stores and social media. 

http://bethsblog18.blogspot.com/ Blog was about Beth but she took a back seat and is letting her new sister Saige give online art lessons, or Saige sends you to online art lessons.

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Liesel said...

This outfit is adorable. I love the yellow dress and the little shawl. She looks so cute! Nice work.

LKaye said...

Gets my vote. Love the design of this outfit. The shawl is amazing! Great work.

Amy Bray said...

I love this color! This gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

Pretty summery outfit

Pepper Schibblehut said...

Love this. Gets my vote.

Megan Carson said...

Gets my vote. Amy you are very talented!

Megan Carson said...

Gets my vote. Amy you are very talented!

Talley Darling said...

So cute! It has my vote!

TexasBiddy said...

This dress gets my vote!

Love this dress. The shawl is great. I love the color yellow but it doesn't love me. I will have to make a yellow dress for one of my "Girls".

Unknown said...

I vote for this one!

Marinda Creations Craft Blog said...

I love the dress , shawl and also the shoes and purse is great.Good work Amy you have my vote.

Tari Hann said...

I love this, count my vote in!

Dollygrandma said...

So very cute - I especially love the shrug. This one gets my vote!

~ Jeanette

Kath said...

I vote for this one.

Bee said...

I vote for this one. I love that lettuce edge!

Sammy Christina said...

Very cute! This gets my vote.

Jessica Gibbon said...

Got my vote....what a fun color!

jocelyn vernon said...

i love your creation....very beautiful!!!! keep the fgood work.....very creative.