Monday, July 29, 2013

Entry #33

2013 Fashion Design Challenge
Entry #33

Terra Sophisticate

I wanted to make a Melody Valerie dress because I like them so much but they 
are way out of my budget.

I liked her work Monday Morning series, and with the Dolly's at Work Book coming out soon. I wanted to show my doll Tesla (after the scientist) kitted out for a day in the office at her summer job the dolly Non-Profit office New Day Earth (which promotes dolls GREEN efforts).

In that vein, I recycled some nice children's clothes (supper stretchy denim from Parisienne  Promod, a cashmere sweater (my niece, who has luckily persuaded her parents to fund her international fashionista lifestyle, but she unfortunately dislikes dolls- silly 7 year old. Fortunately she still donated her clothes to a worthy cause!) 

The soft cashmere sweater is a blend, so it's really stretchy too! The wide neck means means I can just slide it off and on my doll over her head. But it's really light thin material - hot outside but AC inside the office is a little chilly.

A faux-alligator belt in lime!  It's summer, and the summer green is a key color! This was mine actually from an old Bath & Body Works drawstring basket (the handles became the belt).

Here are my inspiration photo's. An Italian Cashmere Sweater from Neiman Marcus. I changed the details though and added long sleeves that hooked over the thumb.

I also changed the color and chose a skirt instead, and added embellishments.

I like the navy color in this and the easy simplicity...

A navy blue stretch denim with a snap close and darts (sewing stitches to improve the fit) in the back at the waist. I'm really proud of the fit because darts gave me a hard time, and I ruined a few skirts trying to make them look nicer, but finally I've been blue to smooth everything out!

In Progress 

Tesla is a very demanding doll, so at first I was going to go with something preppy- especially since the the cashmere sweater came with this great collar, which was small and already sized appropriately for an AG. Also it had this wonderful white detailing which created a layered look, without bulk.  Also, please excuse my crafting table, it's a mess of dried paint and old glue. But it serves the purpose. Thank you!

However as you can see, I cut it incorrectly. What I ended up doing was draping all the material. I didn't use a pattern because sorting out the pieces can be frustrating.  (For example the LJC - polo pattern was irritating with regards to the color - I couldn't figure out where to sew and cut, but other's have had no problem with the pattern. I think draping and finding a good fit just works better for me.) unfortunately it can also lead to wasted material.

2nd try turned out a nice hooded jacket, but then Tesla would be topless. O_O ➔ x_x.

The only thing that didn't require too an revisions was the skirt - although it was too long at first and I had to shorten it.

My glue gun, the basket which became a belt. Not pictured are my pins.. Those sewing ins really came in handy when trying to hold things in place while I did the serving. I sewed everything by hand because my sewing machine is in good condition, but is still old fashioned. Basically I'd rather a new one, but I don't sew often enough to justify the expense.

I used one AG shoe to make the pattern, and I cut strips from my own floral peasant top to wrap around Tesla's foot. At first I thought to make a boot... But that idea didn't pan out. Also, the shoes had sparkly beaded detail which great flair! Problem was, the needing was on the inside foot. So on two shoes it would be facing each other, not facing out. Also, I tried hot gluing the beads, but the kept falling off.

The shoes were soo hard to make. I have new respect for etsy shoe crafter.  I tried several times to make these shoes before I decided Tesla would have to be satisfied with these. 
I hope you like them too!!

This was going to be an over-sheath in the style of that white and navy Melody Valerie dress, but in the end, that idea was sacrificed to a shoulder embellishment.

Basically I made this project by playing around with the fabric, and seeing what would work, and not quitting just because I found several roadblocks. I quite enjoyed crafting this.

Finished Outfit

Tesla is not especially fond of the new orange refresher from Starbucks, but she ordered a dolly-sized trenta anyway - so she'll be extra alert for her new job!

I made everything except the necklace and the doll of course.

Thank you for your entry!

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N said...

I vote for this! The outfit looks very fresh and professional.

Liesel said...

Very nice design. The green belt really pops.

LKaye said...

Nice design and thanks for showing what didn't work and how you changed it to work with what you had. Great job! Gets my vote.

Dolllover said...

This is really cute! Voting for you!

Melody Silverleaf said...

Very stylish!

decamaron40 said...

love the design detail for head band and shoes.

Michi said...

Gets my vote. Great job on describing what worked, and good job on the design!

LT said...

I vote for dress design # 33. Very cute outfit.

Diana Tran said...

I vote for Design #33. Very adorable and professional outfit. :-)

Amber said...

This is gets' my vote. Petite Sophisticate!