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Entry #35

2013 Fashion Design Challenge
Entry #35

From Forever Friends Doll Clothes

This rainbow dress was designed for my grand daughter on her 4th birthday.  She wanted a rainbow for her theme and a twirl-y rainbow dress to wear.  Of course, I said I could do it though I had never designed even a handkerchief before that. 

It took 3 weeks worrying about how to do it.  Like how long to make it, how to adjust the colours so each was just a bit wider than the one above it.  Ho much to gather so the dress would not be too bulky but still twirly. 

It took 2 days actually determining the length and width  of each colour.  A precise amount of fabric added to each new colour to give the right effect. 

Then it was time to actually sit down and cut with trepidation and begin sewing.  Tedious amounts of gathering and pinning, sewing and zigzagging.

Coming down to the doll dress size required almost the same process as again, it was my first attempt to design anything.  But I was so pleased with the finished dress!

Of course a big step too was choosing the fabric.  Personally I have trouble with anything containing polyester so the dress was automatically made in pure cottons.  To get the best effect I wanted the best fabric so actually purchased fabric from a quilting store.  Plain red, orange, yellow, green and blue just didn’t have enough life.  So mottled fabric was selected.  What a difference that made. 

Probably the 2 hardest parts involved determining how to close the back and whether to use elastic around the top of the dress.  Elastic seemed a little harsh for the underarms, so none was used.   Closing the back of the doll dress was quite simple but for my grand daughter it took more thought.  In the end, both dresses came out beautifully and several more doll and child dresses have been completed since.  Some how, though, each dress has the same hurdles.

Then,- accents.  Though this dress definitely flows and suggests no shoes, I suppose sandals would be best and chose silver AGD sandals.  A beaded bracelet and hair bow will finish the outfit.

Seems every little girl loves her AGD.  Every little girl dreams of a twirl-y dress and every little girl loves rainbows.  Combining these loves has been a big hit!

The Rainbow Dress

Step One:  Choose the fabric

Cutting the fabric.  Many fabrics fray so pinking sheers is a good idea – 
I did not have them with me today.

Pin orange fabric to red and sew using 1/4 inch seams

After zig zagging joining seam, fold top or red down ½ inch then ½ inch and sew.  
This will be the top of the dress.

Sew sides ends of green and of blue fabric, then serge or zigzag

Run 2 gathering threads 1/4 inch apart  along top edge of yellow, green and blue fabrics

Sew 2 rows of stitching ¼ inch apart in large stitch size. (Shown in red)   Match center of yellow and of red with right sides together pull gathering thread to create gathers

Stitch then serge or zigzag seam

Join sides of yellow fabric by sewing up ¾

Gather and pin green fabric to dress.  Sew and serge or zigzag seam

Fabrics will fray and all these threads need to be carefully removed after each step along the way.

Dress will look like this at this point.  Many sew-ers feel that the seam allowance should be sewn to the top col our, but I like how this dress flows .  Sewing that seam up, seems to stifle the flow.  I do sew it up when making children’s dresses though.

Turn under ¼ inch then turn under ½ inch on bottom edge of blue.  
Sew close to edge to create the hem.

Match center front, side, back and side

Pull gathering threads to fit,  pin, and sew blue fabric to green.

Ascertain that all loose or long threads have been removed and prepare to make and attach straps.

Cut 2 straps 6” by 1 ¼ “.   Fold lengthwise and press. 
Open fold and fold sides in to center and press again

sew edge of strap

Find and mark center front.  Pin 1 inch to either side to mark center of strap.

Pin strap 3 inches toward back.  Sew along seam on dress then again right along the top edge of dress.

Trim 1/8” off  both pieces of Velcro so it is about ½ inch

Sew velcro to back edges of rainbow dress and check for threads .  Complete quality control  check and the rainbow dress is complete.

The completed
Rainbow Dress
with accessories
(red heart hair clip red shoes and rainbow bead necklace.)

Jenny with her rainbow dress and red heart hair clip

Jenny in her rainbow dress red heart hair clip, rainbow necklace and red shoes.  Even though I think this outfit goes best with bare feet!

The view from the back!

The long and the short of it – some like their doll dresses a little longer, some like them short

Can also be made in child or in Bitty twin sizes. 
This photo with permission from the mother.

Thank you for your entry!

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Liesel said...

Very clever. I can tell a lot of work went into the design. I would so wear this for myself.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Liesel. You are the second person to tell me they woudl like an adult size dress that I had made for a doll. This is my favourite outfit I have ever made, bar none! ...... Forever Frends Doll Clothes

Karen Hunter said...

This one gets my vote!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karen. ... Forever Friends Doll Clothes

cherylea said...

You have my vote, I simply love it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Cherylea. I think I will vote for it as well. .. Forever Friends Doll Clothes

rebeccadzierzon said...

Cute design--what a lucky granddaughter!

Kyla said...

Absolutely love this dress!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kyla. Have you voted yet? I think you have to actually say 'I vote for this one' or words to that affect. Maybe you have already voted for a different outfit and that is great, so long as you vote. ... Forever Friends Doll Clothes

Diana pirie said...

I vote for this one

Edna said...

I vote for this one #35
Absolutely adorable!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vote! I love matching dresses, and this is super cute :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful little dress - it has my vote.

Felicia H. said...

Very cute dress. :)