Monday, July 29, 2013

Entry #32

2013 Fashion Design Challenge
Entry #32

In the first picture, it shows the name of my design, Abstract Nature, because of all the green and abstract squiggles.

In the second picture, it shows a sketch of the main piece of the outfit, the dress. It has a thin belt with white, green, blue, and yellow. It is a drawstring dress , with bows on sleeves, and a light green fabric with different shades of green abstract lines.

In the third picture, it shows a sketch of the sandals. They are duct tape sandals  that have white, black, grey, green, and dark green squiggles.

In the fourth picture , it shows the hairpin, made out of the same duct tape as the shoes. the flower is on a bobby pin.

In the fifth, sixth, and seventh pictures, it shows the pattern I used, Heritage doll patterns Drawstring Dress from Liberty Jane.

In the eighth picture, it shows the fabric I used for the dress.

In the ninth and tenth pictures it shows me pinning the patterns.

In the eleventh picture, it shows me sewing the dress.

In the twelve and thirteenth pictures are me making the shoes.

And in the last picture, it shows the yarn I used to braid the belt.

Finished Outfit

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Information about this contest:

First Outfit Tasks Due July 14th, 2013.
Second Outfit Tasks Due August 25th, 2013.


Liesel said...

I'm completely in love with the sandals and hair flower. You did a great job on the dress too.

bokeh dolls said...

This is really cute! I vote for you!

Anonymous said...

I vote for you. I like the pattern on the dress a lot.

Anonymous said...


agrz123 said...

Thanks for putting this up!

agrz123 said...

I want to vote for myself ( if I can)

agrz123 said...

I want to vote for myself ( if I can)

Jessica Liang said...

Cute dress, I vote for you!!^_^

Hermione McGonagall said...

That's such a pretty dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^.^ I vote for you!!!!!!!!!!!

Saige Copeland said...

Nice dress

Lily said...

This gets my vote!

Mary said...

I like it!

nealgotit said...

I vote for you!