Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Entry #8

2013 Fashion Design Challenge
Entry #8

Outfit Design

I decided to go with a bit of an old-school Hollywood theme for my outfit. Armed with my Audrey Hepburn Vanity Fair and Google Images, I decided on a color scheme that I thought was classy and fun at the same time (and definitely reminded me of Audrey) - red and black, with a bit of silver.

I made a few notes on the actual photo (using Polyvore.com) but for fabrics, etc: the dress, which was probably the most intricate part of the outfit, had a red sparkly kind of silk on top (made from an old tap costume) and black silk on the bottom. The shoes were also fairly difficult, but I used scraps of the red and black - as well as a shiny silver remnant from Joann’s - and sewed them onto the “Real Me” flats from AG. Instead of a black scarf, as I noted above, I used a white shawl - but I have to say that I did not sew it, but I did repurpose it from another old costume. The skirt and top of the dress would be separate pieces, and both would have velcro in the back. 

Outfit Being Created

These are the fabrics I used. 

The fabric for the top of the dress and the pattern, courtesy of the good folks at Liberty Jane. 

Velcro in the back

top part of the dress

The full dress done (camera had to charge while I made the skirt - however, all I had to do was cut the piece and sew velcro to the back. 

Making the shoes - the hardest part of the process. They turned out better than expected but I wish I had an extra pair to practice on!

Finished Outfit 

I dressed up my Samantha doll with some red lipstick and a bun, made a black silk lounge, and voila!

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Liesel said...

Very cute! Samantha looks so good in red.

Mimi Parkridge said...

I'd like to vote for this entry :)

Pixar_dollies said...

I'd like to vote for this entry

americangirlmentos said...

I'd like to vote for this entry. Its adorable!