Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Entry #17

2013 Fashion Design Challenge
Entry #17

From Pixie Dust

Now Open!  
DW Contest -- Design #1

I’ve had the idea for this design in my head for a long time.  I wanted to create a stylish, yet comfortable, outfit that I would want to wear while out and about. 

I decided on a tank embellished with flowers on the neckline.  A friend has a tank similar to this, and I’ve always loved it. I choose a khaki skirt to go with. Boots are really in--even in warmer weather, so I used a pattern I had, but hadn’t ever made. I also included a purse with a wallet, money, and a phone (in case of an emergency!). 

And, since this girl has been shopping, she needed an outfit to buy!  
Here it is-

Isn’t it adorable?!?! 

Now for the construction--

Here are some of my supplies.  I seem to always need something “else”, and this time was no different!

Cutting patterns--

Here’s my sewing table. :-)

Making the shopping bag--

Adding a curved edge to the wallet-- I use whatever I have to make curves!

Working on the bodice of the sundress--

The Final Outfit

Ruthie is headed to the Mall for an afternoon of shopping.  She’s dressed in her favorite summer outfit--a knit tank, simple khaki skirt, and boots.  She picked up the black slouch bag and matching wallet for a steal on her last shopping trip!

The tank is made from a very pale khaki knit.  It is embellished with three fabric flowers along the neckline.  Each of the flowers has a pearl bead in the center.  It closes in the back with non-working buttons which cover snaps.  I used snaps because this delicate knit snags easily on Velcro. The skirt has two pleats running above the hem, a self-fabric waist band, and closes with a snap. The boots are made from suede- like fabric, are fully lined, and close with Velcro. 

The bag and wallet are made from black faux leather and edge stitched with white.  The wallet holds 18” doll-sized dollar bills (it’s hard to shop without money!).  She’s also carrying an iPhone, made from paper and foam, and sunglasses (ok, I’ll admit it--the sunglasses were made in China, and I forgot to put them in this photo…).

What a find!  Ruthie loves classic, youthful clothes and this strapless sundress is perfect.  How do you think it looks on her?  

The grey fabric highlights her grey eyes and really sets off her dark hair.  The white trim adds a crisp, summery feel to the dress, as does the strapless sweetheart neckline.  The matching belt is removable.

Sold! Ruthie heads home with her latest find!  

Thanks for taking a look at the Shopping Chic outfit I created.  I hope you like it as much as I do! I had a lot of fun creating it!

Thank you for your entry!

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Information about this contest:

First Outfit Tasks Due July 14th, 2013.
Second Outfit Tasks Due August 25th, 2013.


Liesel said...

I love the concept. Very cute sundress and the shopping outfit is fabulous too.

LKaye said...

Love the dress, boots and purse. Great story too. Every girl loves shopping! Gets my vote.

Jennifer said...

I vote for this one!

Anonymous said...

What girl doesn't like shopping?!? Absolutely LOVE the preppy Southern girl look you captured! Can't wait to order one for my daughter's doll. Count this as my vote!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Who doesn't love shopping! I vote for this one.

KamiM said...

Loved the story approach to these outfits. She is having fun with shopping - gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

I vote this one!

Anonymous said...

I vote for this one. Too cute!!!

Catherine said...

I love this one! I vote for this one.

N said...

I vote for this! The photos are great.

TCC said...

Love it! \

TCC said...

Love it!

Lindsey Z. said...

Cute story line! I vote for this one!

Anonymous said...

perfection! Count my vote in!

Kristin Sattich said...

Cute as a button! Great outfit. Gets my vote!

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite!!! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

I vote for this one!

Anonymous said...

Very Adorable! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Great style!!

Anonymous said...

great costumes!

Anonymous said...

I vote for this one

Lucy Haymond said...

I vote for this one, too cute! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Love the little shopping story and all the details with the accessorys

Gryhndlady Dance Mom said...

I vote for this one!

Tammy Wagner said...

Absolutely adorable! Chic indeed!

Melody Silverleaf said...

Neat concept and story to go along with your designs.