Sunday, July 14, 2013

Entry #4

2013 Fashion Design Challenge
Entry #4

From Debonair Designs:

Design #1
Inspirational pictures for first design

Long Dress/Coat complete with Capelet & Muff ~ Hand Knitted
Working this design pretty close to my inspirational picture but with some changes noted in design and styling.

Design and Styling:

Working the dress/coat in one piece with an added faux fur trim along the skirt's hemline

Changing the bodice to feature an empire waistline from which the faux fur trim line will drape. Set in long sleeves and a simple neckline

A removable faux fur trimmed capelet and muff to complete the look along with a faux fur trimmed headband. Flat red shoes will be worn.

Materials and Progress pictures for the first design

Materials: True red yarn, used worsted weight wool-ease by Lion Brand, along with accent white faux fur trim using Bernat Pipsqueak.

Embellishments: Added white and red beads in small snowflake patterns to the capelet, with red beads added to the sleeves and upper bodice of the dress. Red beads worked on the muff with silver thread worked in small chain stitches for a finishing touch.

Designed to fit American Girl Dolls, modeled by my 18" Gotz Doll Jessica, who shares exactly the same body type as the American girl dolls.

Design #1 Completed Pictures

Long Holiday Dress/Coat complete with Capelet & Muff ~ Hand Knitted


Meet Jessica, who's been dreaming of her very own 'White Christmas' gown. Her dream came true earlier than expected after I decided to enter this year's fashion design challenge with the 'White Christmas' finale scenes of the gowns as inspiration. Summer may be almost here, but Jessica was more than happy to be finally wearing her gown ensemble, which is everything she imagined it would be, now she is dreaming of a true white Christmas to come in time for her to present this outfit once more at a holiday craft show later this year. She hopes you love it as much as she does, thank you for looking ~ Deb of Debonair Designs

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shopgirl433 said...

Love the embellishment on the muff! Gets my vote :)

Liesel said...

Fantastic craftsmanship. Your doll looks so cute in this ensemble.

Deb Denair said...

Thank you, I had fun with adding the beads

Deb Denair said...

This ensemble, although out of season, was created in part for a holiday collection of knitting patterns I have been working on, so I just had to include it as my first design, therefore I would have to vote too :)

Deb Denair said...

Thank you, I enjoyed the challenge:)

Todd Tekayintl said...

Wow, this one really sends me back to Bing's White Christmas. Thanks for the memory lane.

Deb Denair said...

That makes me so happy to hear, thank you

Melody Silverleaf said...

Love this! Inspired by my favorite Christmas movie. All the lovely detail.