Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Entry #15

2013 Fashion Design Challenge
Entry #15

Pretty in Posies

Mary is modeling a modern outfit that can easily go from a casual day outside to out on the town! 

My inspiration came from my focus fabric (gray and black floral knit) and my colors. I love anything that is black and hot pink.  I wanted to design an outfit that was outside of my comfort zone and challenged my basic sewing skills. That basically means that it wasn't sewn from quilter's cotton. (Love me my cottons!)  I wanted it to be something that I would dress my own tween daughter in, but still have some sort of "wow" factor.  My daughter and I both love anything that sparkles!


Here are my design sketches.  I used three patterns from Liberty Jane (off the shoulder tee, trendy tank and denim mini skirt).  I used the floral pattern for the off the shoulder tee, with a silver, sparkle "tank" underneath to peak out above and below for extra suprise.  The hot pink skirt, made of stretch denim, brings out the flower centers in the tee fabric.  

Using my embroidery machine, I copied the floral motif, and after much deliberation, I settled on a subtle "tone on tone" flower at the side seam of the skirt.  A few black sparkle stones help to repeat the motif and tie the pink skirt to the floral tee.  I embroidered another pink flower to make the matching accent for Mary's hair.  I like things to be versatile, so I put the "teeth" edge of sticky velcro on the back of the flower accent.  It easily moves from her hair to her sparkly tank for a dressier look!

The outfit came together just as I imagined.  The silver sequins add just the right sparkle to pair up with a homemade silver necklace with a pink bauble. I played with more than a few jewelry ideas...and settled on the simple charm for the casual look. When Mary went to dress it up, a sparkly beaded necklace looked great as well. (and that second necklace could also be used as a headband!).

 The Outfit:

Here is Mary in her complete outfit. She loves her high top sneaks, so I wanted  to create a look that could work with those shoes.  It's a look my own daughter often wears.  Then, after the entire outfit was complete, I happened to find a pair of pink, black and gray striped socks in the dollar store. I couldn't believe it! For just 33 cents, Mary had a cool pair of crazy striped socks that matched perfectly! (Three pairs for a dollar, so she has a few coordinating pairs that also would work.)

As evening approaches and it's time to head out for dinner, Mary takes off her floral tee and changes into her black boots (American Girl).  The floral accent moves from her hair to her shoulder and completes the look.

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Liesel said...

Just darling. My favorite part is the sequin top.

Anonymous said...

I vote this one!

N said...

I vote for this! I love how versatile it is.

Unknown said...

I vote for this one!

brenda j chesnut said...

Love your storyline and photos. Great design. I can see a teen liking this outfit. My doll. Emmie would love to wear and own this one. I vote for this one!

Megan Duesterhaus said...

Love this outfit - all the options and styling are adorable!

Melody Silverleaf said...

Love how this outfit is multi-functional. Casual to dressy; say to evening with just a few simple adjustments.

Maggie Pinque said...

This is marvelous! If my daughter was still playing with her AG dolls this would be tops on her list!

Anonymous said...

Very cute outfit.

Kim Cagle said...

I am very impressed with your combined talents! Really cute and practical.

MyInnerStarUStudios said...

Very cute! Vote!