Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Entry #16

2013 Fashion Design Challenge
Entry #16

For my first entry I decided to make an outfit suitable for a girl from the Pacific Northwest, based on a shearling jacket.  Because of the rapidly changeable weather here, she likes to dress in layers.

Outfit Design:

The inspiration for this outfit started with some sueded-shearling fabric I bought that was light-weight enough for doll clothes.

I found a jacket style I liked and was so impressed by the model, I decided to try to duplicate the entire look.

Black tank top

Black leggings with white tennis shoes

Pendleton plaid shirt

Denim cut-off jeans

I'll also crochet a slouchy beret to coordinate with the lining of her jacket.

Finishing touches will be a necklace made from a broken earring, and purchased sunglasses and tennis shoes.


I drafted a pattern and test fitted it with inexpensive 2-sided fabric before cutting into the $22/yard sueded-shearling.

Laying out jacket pattern pieces on  the sueded shearling fabric

Sewing seams of jacket, WRONG sides together.  It was easy to sew because I didn't have to finish any seams!

With a red plaid Pendleton Wool remnant from my stash, I cut out a basic shirt from a Simplicity pattern, modifying it to add roll-up sleeve cuffs.  I just barely had enough length to match the plaids!

Sewing collar and facing to neckline.

Ready to add sleeves.  I wanted to make the pocket more noticeable by NOT matching the plaid.

Inside of shirt.  All raw edges are serged, side seams are French seamed, buttonholes are functional and the plaids are carefully matched.

Next, I cut out leggings (Simplicity pattern) and a tank top (free pattern from Liberty Jane) from black knit fabric.

Sewing the tank top

Serging seams on leggings

A re-purposed denim skirt provided the perfect fabric for the cut-offs.  I modified a Liberty Jane cut-offs pattern to add cuffs.

Sewing the waistband. View of finished inside seams.

Fitting the cut-offs. My model has a strange shape!

I copied the shape of an existing purse and cut it out of left-over upholstery ultrasuede with a cranberry red suedecloth lining.

Sewing lining to purse

Inside of purse

Lastly, I crocheted the slouchy beret to coordinate with the shearling lining of the jacket.


Shearling jacket

Back of jacket

Tank top, cuffed shorts and leggings

Unbuttoned shirt with folded up cuffs

Shirt buttoned up

Back of shirt



Taking a walk in the woods in my new outfit

It's a rare sunny day in the Pacific Northwest!

I'm an outdoors kind of girl.

I love going on hikes through the forest

balancing on fallen logs...

(Oops, I almost fell off trying to show you the back of my cut-offs)

rock climbing...

(too bad I can't bend my knees)

and enjoying the great out-of-doors on a misty Northwest day!

Thank you for viewing my submission to the 2013 DW Fashion Design Challenge.  
I hope you like it!

Thank you for your entry!

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Information about this contest:

First Outfit Tasks Due July 14th, 2013.
Second Outfit Tasks Due August 25th, 2013.


Anonymous said...


Liesel said...

Very nicely done. I love how your outfit looks exactly like your concept.

LKaye said...

Excellent. Well executed outfit. Gets my vote!

Ann Van Doren said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I forgot to mention to Nora that my northwest girl is going to wear her plaid shirt to a Nirvana concert after her hike ;) LOL

Anonymous said...

I vote this one!

N said...

I vote for this! It's absolutely fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I vote for this 1000 times. Great concept. Great themes. Great design. Great workmanship and execution. In one word: Wow!

Ann Van Doren said...

Thank you, "N" for your compliment and vote. And also thank you to last "anonymous" above, who is obviously one of my relatives LOL

scotbrit said...

Love this!! The jacket is wonderful

Anonymous said...

Love! Love! Love!

DAWNE said...


brenda j chesnut said...

WOW!!! What else can one say. This is excellent work and you captured your orginal concept very well.
I vote for this one.

Mary Ann said...

This one is my favorite and gets my vote.

Ann Van Doren said...

Thank you Scotbrit, "Anonymous" and Dawn for your comments. I'm not sure if they count as votes but it's still very nice to be complimented! And Brenda and Mary Ann, thank you very much for your votes!

Anonymous said...

I do not know much about sewing but I must give credit were credit is due. My compliment to Ann van Doren for a job well done.

Very professional I vote for this! It's absolutely fantastic.

Keep it up

Anonymous said...

I love this look. You did a great job!

Melody Silverleaf said...

Fabulous! I would wear something like this even in the northeast. :-D
Great job!

Emily Babcock said...

My vote goes to this outfit for sure. It's really cute and well executed. Good job!

Diane Villa said...

I really like your doll's outfit very much. I like the layers and texture and the action shots are adoreable. You do excellent work!