Monday, July 29, 2013

Entry #34

2013 Fashion Design Challenge
Entry #34

From RedBug

My original design is inspired by woodland fairies in storybooks. Included in my original idea is a deep purple, plum colored lace long sleeved shirt layered over a solid ruched top of the same color. However, after some difficulty in finding material that matched my original idea, I found a women's shirt at a garage sale that was a similar color. However, it was not lacey, but sequined. It also had a skirt made from leaves, and deep purple velvet flats. As an accessory, I added a wooden bead necklace, similar to the one Kanani had.

After brainstorming about how I would make the leafy skirt, my sister suggested that I use the purple tulle I had. As it turned out, it was a perfect match for the leaves I picked up at the dollar store for this outfit.

To make the skirt, I took a long strip of the tulle and wrapped it around some elastic, and then tied about a dozen strips around the tulle covered elastic to make a tutu.

Then I hot glued leaves to the tulle tutu.

 Since I didn't have the lacey fabric I originally wanted, I had to come up with a new idea for a top. After much considering, I finally decided to use the Liberty Jane T-shirt pattern, and (by my sister's suggestion) added a cowl to the neck, rather than hemming the neckline.

The outfit is nearly complete. However, the tulle is just a bit long compared to how far down the leaves go. After a bit of a trim...

Finished Outfit

These beads may not be exactly like I originally pictured, but when I found these beads at the store, I decided that these were perfect.

I had never made my own doll shoes before that were not sandals. They aren't the purple crushed velvet that I originally wanted, but they work fine for a woodland fairy type outfit.

I also made a skirt to go under the tulle and leaf tutu. This picture also shows the shirt I made with the sequined material.


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Liesel said...

A Flitterific Fairy. I love the leaves and the color of the top.

Anonymous said...

Voting for this one!

Anonymous said...

This totally gets a vote!

brenda j chesnut said...

I vote for this one. Good job on design and presentation.

Melody Silverleaf said...

A wood fairy! Awesome!

Becca said...

Its very cute and reminds me of the fall! I am a fan of the high shirt collar. You get my vote. =]

rebeccadzierzon said...

I love the originality of this. Nice work!